3 Levels Interactive Cat Toy Tower
3 Levels Interactive Cat Toy Tower
3 Levels Interactive Cat Toy Tower
3 Levels Interactive Cat Toy Tower

3 Levels Interactive Cat Toy Tower

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Here at Kitty Cats Heaven we believe whole heartedly that cats are FAMILY. We are a family owned and operated start-up company. We know as you do that pets are life. Thus we want you to enjoy your experience here as well as your time with your loved ones. Thank you and we hope our product brings you joy with your loveable kitty 😊


You’ll love watching your cat play with this cat toy tower all day! It has many fun things for a cat to do. Keep your cat entertained with this multi-level Cat Toy Tower Track. It is not only a great source of amusement for your kittens. But it can also help a younger cat's development by improving their grasping skills. You'll feel great supporting your kitty in their growth


  • Great for development. This multi-tiered cat toy tower is ideal for younger cats that are still developing their motor skills


  • Three levels of play. The tower features three levels that can stack in a base or stick out. The multi-colored balls on the inside allow the cat to play around and grab on the balls in moments. The fun design makes the toy more entertaining for you and the cat. The detailed look also provides more things for your cat to do with the toy.


  • Sturdy plastic. The plastic body is durable and can last for years


  • Does not slip. The anti-slip base will also keep the toy in its place while in use


  • Colorful. You can order this in one of four colors that fit alongside some of the balls inside the toy


  • Product Type: Toy
  • Durable
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colors: Orange,Green,Blue,Pink
  • Size: 25*16*13 cm