Electric Catnip-Fish Cat Toy
Electric Catnip-Fish Cat Toy
Electric Catnip-Fish Cat Toy
Electric Catnip-Fish Cat Toy
Electric Catnip-Fish Cat Toy
Electric Catnip-Fish Cat Toy

Electric Catnip-Fish Cat Toy

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Introducing the electronic fish cat toy - the perfect way to keep your feline friend entertained and happy for hours on end!We know that as a cat owner, you want nothing but the best for your furry companion. That's why our electronic fish cat toy is designed with both your cat's and your emotional needs in mind.Imagine the joy on your cat's face as they play with this realistic and interactive toy that mimics the movements of a real fish. The lifelike movements and the soft, plush texture of the toy will make your cat feel like they're playing with a real fish in the wild. And as your cat pounces, chases and plays with the fish, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness knowing that your pet is enjoying themselves.

Our electronic fish cat toy is also designed to be durable and safe for your cat to play with. It's made with high-quality materials that are built to withstand even the most aggressive play, and it's designed with your cat's safety in mind.With our electronic fish cat toy, you'll be providing your cat with the stimulation and entertainment they need to stay happy and healthy. And as a cat owner, you'll feel good knowing that you're providing your furry friend with the best possible playtime experience.

So don't wait any longer, order your electronic fish cat toy today and give your cat the gift of fun and excitement!


  • Let your cat catch a fish.¬†The fun look of this cat toy makes it a charm, but it‚Äôs also safe for use. The fish will start flopping around as it wiggles along the floor


  • A soft design.¬†The outside features a plush body, while the inside comes with a PP cotton filling and a catnip fragrance. The scent makes it appealing to your cat. The lifelike movements the fish makes provides a creative look all around


  • Easy to charge.¬†You can also use the USD charging cord to power up the battery when not in use. The fish toy is available in four colors, with each one simulating a real fish look


  • A toy for activity.¬†The toy is ideal for when your cat is looking to burn off all that energy while also feeling a little more stimulated.



  • Electric Cat Toy
  • Material: PP Cotton
  • Design: 4 Fish Types Available
  • Accessory: USB Charger Included
  • 100% Safe for your Pet


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