Perches Hanging Cat Window Bed
Perches Hanging Cat Window Bed
Perches Hanging Cat Window Bed
Perches Hanging Cat Window Bed

Perches Hanging Cat Window Bed

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Does your cat stare longingly at the window? Does he/she look at you with those depressed watery charged eyes wishing they had a place they could sleep up high and enjoy the sun? Well worry no more for the perfect solution is here. Introducing the hanging cat bed. A soft pillowing bed that is perfect for your kitty but also perfect for you! It's convenient to install, and easy to move. Solve your cat's worrisome troubles with one quick easy solution for you, while also catering to those natural instincts of wanting to be outside sunbathing and watching the birds. You'll feel great knowing your satisfying your kitty's needs 

Central Benefits:

  • Comes with strong suction cups making it easy to create a climbing habitat, easily hung anywhere! Doors, windows, convenience all in one package. Can hold 13kg (Around 28 pounds) so no need to worry about the kitty falling down!
  • Easy to clean making this the no fuss easy solution every kitty parent needs
  • They can bird watch with ease!


Help your kitty longing to be up high. Keep your drapes, curtains, and sanity safe. Add this lovely window perch today and your cat will thank you! You can purchase yours in three colors: Black, Beige, and Green



  • Item: Pet Bed
  • Type: Cats
  • Material: EVA
  • Color: Beige,Green,Black
  • Bearing Capacity: Within 13kg
  • Size(External): 60*23cm
  • Size(Internal): 52*15cm



Here at Kitty Cats Heaven we believe whole heartedly that cats are FAMILY. We are the largest specialty online store for services and solutions for the lifetime needs of cats.. We know as you do that pets are life. Thus we want you to enjoy your experience here as well as your time with your loved ones. Thank you and we hope our product brings you joy with your loveable kitty 😊

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