3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks
3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks
3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks
3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks
3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks
3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks
3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks

3 Piece Tunnel Building Blocks

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 Category: cats

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Polyvinyl Chlor

Item Type: Cat Houses & Condos

Brand Name: HobbyLane


--Large space, more comfortable, versatile and free, can be spliced, DIY cat tunnel at will
--Safe and non-toxic, 0 formaldehyde environmentally friendly eva selection, care for pets, pets can be used with confidence
--High-quality EVA material is selected, which is compressive and durable, and has a long service life
--Easy installation, convenient and quick disassembly and assembly, easy to store without occupying space


Name: Foldable Tunnel 
Color as shown
Material: EVA
Size: 90 x 30 x 30cm
Applicable objects: cats
It is suitable for cats to play from kitten years to adulthood, and it is also suitable for multiple cats to play together

Unleash Your Cat's Playful Imagination with Our Stackable Cat Building Blocks Tunnel! 🐾🧱

Introducing a purr-fect blend of creativity and fun for your feline friend! Our innovative cat tunnel consists of three stackable blocks that double as interactive building elements. Watch as your cat explores, hides, and navigates through this engaging tunnel, building their own adventure with every playtime. 🌟🏰

These sturdy and versatile blocks can be stacked in various configurations, creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment for your cat to enjoy. Whether they're in the mood for peek-a-boo games, chasing, or simply lounging inside their personalized tunnel, these building blocks promise hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. 🏞️🐱

Unleash your cat's creativity as they discover new pathways, cozy corners, and exciting hideouts within the blocks. Foster their natural curiosity and provide a unique play experience that adapts to their mood and preferences. Our Stackable Cat Building Blocks Tunnel is a must-have addition to any feline playground, offering endless fun while promoting exercise and exploration. 🌈💕

Enhance your cat's playtime with this innovative tunnel that encourages mental engagement and physical activity. Get ready for a world of stacking, exploring, and tail-wagging excitement – order yours today and let the building adventures begin! 🛒🧱🐾

Packing list:

1 set x Foldable Tunnel 



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